Corpse Pose – Forcing a Slow-Down

There are a few reasons I love corpse pose. To be honest, sometimes I’m just thrilled that a strenuous yoga session is winding down since corpse pose is often one of the last (or the very last) pose. But mostly, I love it because it forces me to slow down and relax. For that minute or two (or ten!) I’m able to just recline on the ground and clear my head.

Photo by Hiếu Hoàng on

It can be much harder to slow down off the yoga mat. It’s sometimes hard to say no, so I find myself making plans every day for weeks until I feel like I hit a brick wall. I’m no introvert, but even extroverts need healthy boundaries and time for relaxation and self-care. I’m reminded of this every time I lower my body into corpse pose and spend that time relaxing without guilt. It’s refreshing to sometimes do nothing. It allows your body and mind to heal and become more resilient.

Do you love corpse pose or do you struggle with clearing your mind during this part of yoga practice? Be sure to share your experience in the comment section!




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